Estate Planning - Insurance Trust

Clients can create irrevocable trusts for various purposes, for gifting to family members, for creating trusts for disabled persons, for creating generation-skipping transfers, for creating life insurance trusts, and for other estate-saving purposes.

Life insurance can provide great advantages in estate planning.  To provide liquidity to the estate to help pay estate taxes.  If one’s estate is greater than the IRS allowed estate tax exemption (which in 2016 is $5.43 million), life insurance can be purchased in a trust, estate tax free to the individual, and at his death the proceeds can be used to provide liquidity to the estate, to help the estate pay estate taxes.

  • To leave cash to children of a first marriage.
  • To leave funds for a disabled family member.
  • To fund a buy-sell agreement in a business.
  • To fund a charitable trust.
Estate Planning in Coral Gables Florida

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Estate Planning in Coral Gables Florida